TÜYAP Adana Fairs hosted 5 million visitors from 32 countries

TÜYAP Adana Fairs hosted 5 million visitors from 32 countries TÜYAP Adana Fairs has hosted 144 fairs for various industries in Çukurova Region in the last 11 years. 5 million visitors from 32 different countries have attended.
TÜYAP Fairs was established in 1979 in Istanbul to set up trade fairs in Turkey and abroad. TÜYAP Istanbul Fair and Congress Center opened up in 1996. The facilities are built on a modern fair infrastructure at international standards. TÜYAP fairs have domestic offices in Adana, Ankara, Antalya, Bursa, Diyarbakır, Eskişehir, Gaziantep, İzmir, Kayseri, Kocaeli, Konya, Sakarya, Samsun and Trabzon. International offices are in Cairo, Moscow, Sofia, Teheran, Tiblisi, Jordan and Skopje. TÜYAP also has representative offices in 27 countries, and in the field of fairs and exhibitions, is one the largest in Turkey and the world. TÜYAP Fairs’ activities in Adana started in 2006. In Çukurova region TÜYAP has set up 144 fairs in the last 11 years. 5 million visitors have attended these fairs from 32 different countries.
TÜYAP Anadolu Fairs A.Ş. Tüyap Adana Fairs has set up 144 different fairs in 16 areas since 2006. These were on books, construction, heating and ventilation, HOME building, food, furniture, agriculture, greenhouse and garden, automotive, plastics, packaging, sports, utility infrastructure, education, pret a porter, woodworking machinery.
 Alagöz commented: “Our priority is to make Adana a brand in all aspects. We are trying to put Adana on the world’s as well as Turkey’s agenda with its agriculture, furniture, construction and food. We take this criterion in deciding which fair to set up, and we energise and create activity in industries with the highest potential. Starting with the middle east, we aim to make Adana the window that opens up to the world.”
Alagöz added that in the first half of 2017, during exhibitions and fairs, 363.000 visitors came to meet 382 companies and their representative. He went on to list the upcoming fairs in the second half of 2017:  “Çukurova Furniture and Decoration Fair, Adana International Agriculture Fair 2017, Adana Greenhouse and Garden Fair 2017 and HOMEbuilding fair. Going forward, in the next five years, we are planning on increasing the number of fairs by adding new ones, and we are working on gaining international status for our fairs.  As of last year, our agriculture fair has earned the international status. We have started with agriculture and plan to continue with the remaining fairs.
TÜYAP Anadolu Fairs A.Ş. Managing Director Cihat Alagöz; We contributed to the exports and the parallel increase in employment figures in Adana, which is now considered to be the “City of Fairs” in the region. Tüyap Adana Fairs is trying to bring the manufacturers and the consumers under a single roof to establish new partnerships and business opportunities. In addition to visitors from around Turkey, Tüyap is paving the way for visitors from countries such as Russia, Bulgaria, Iran, Georgia, Syria, Northern Cyprus, Lebanon, Kuwait, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Irak, China, India, Spain, Germany, Italy and Switzerland.
1996: TÜYAP Adana Liaison Office opened up.
2006: TÜYAP Adana Fair and Congress Center opened up
2016: Adana Agriculture Fair gained ‘International Fair’ status